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If you know or suspect you need orthodontic treatment, you likely have at least a couple of questions. There is no harm in asking your orthodontist whatever questions are on your mind before your orthodontic treatment commences. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common questions posed to orthodontists prior to patient treatment.

Will any lifestyle changes be necessary?

Though orthodontic treatment is not a significant life event, you might have to make a few slight alterations as a result of an orthodontic procedure or treatment. As an example, you might not be able to eat specific foods that pose a threat to your orthodontic device, approach your hygiene slightly differently and make other subtle changes. The orthodontist will review these potential changes with you so you know exactly what is necessary to ensure your orthodontic treatment makes the maximum impact.

As an example, you might not be able to eat particularly sticky or crunchy foods such as cotton candy and caramel popcorn after the orthodontist adds braces to your mouth. The orthodontist might also recommend specific flossing and brushing techniques that enhance your orthodontic treatment all the more. In particular, patients who receive braces are encouraged to carefully clean and brush the braces’ wires and brackets to ensure they function as designed.

Those who opt for Invisalign clear aligners are encouraged to clean them in accordance with the orthodontist’s directions. If you suspect making such slight alterations to your dental care and eating habits will prove challenging or if you suspect you might not be comfortable making such changes be sure to discuss them with your orthodontist before your procedure or treatment.

How long will I have to wear braces?

Orthodontic treatment with braces typically takes between a year and two years. Though wearing braces for this period of time is a slight inconvenience, it is well worth it. Your teeth will be straight, properly spaced and that much more aesthetically pleasing after your braces work their magic. Keep in mind, braces work that much better if you follow the orthodontist’s directions down to the very last detail. Follow this expert’s guidance and your braces really will work that much more thoroughly and quickly.

Will tooth extraction be necessary?

There might be a situation in which the orthodontist has to extract one or several teeth. Tooth extraction creates that much more space for teeth to move into the proper positions. Meet with our orthodontist for a thorough examination of your mouth and you will find out if a tooth extraction is a necessary component of your orthodontic procedure. However, tooth extraction is a last resort. Our orthodontist will exhaust all other options before resorting to tooth extraction.

How long will the treatment or procedure take?

There is the potential for orthodontic braces to take upwards of two years to straighten teeth. Be sure to go over the timeline for your specific orthodontic treatment or procedure with the orthodontist before the appointment so you have clear expectations of how long it will take for results to come to fruition.

Will adjustments be necessary?

There is a chance that orthodontic adjustments will be necessary. If the orthodontist finds out your jaw or teeth are moving unexpectedly, adjustments can be made to get you back on the track to straight teeth that are properly spaced and look amazing.

Can I see examples of similar procedures or treatments?

There is no shame in asking the orthodontist to show proof of successful treatments and procedures. Orthodontists who are truly worthy of their keep are more than willing to show patients images and/or videos of patients who have undergone the same procedure you need. In fact, most orthodontists will have multiple examples of successful similar treatments, complete with before and after pictures.

However, it is important to note that no two orthodontic patients are exactly the same. The approach to solving your dental problem might not be the same as that used for another patient’s dental irregularities. The bests orthodontists are willing to custom-tailor treatments for each specific patient.

What are my options?

It is in your interest to ask the orthodontist what options are available. As an example, some patients prefer Invisalign clear aligners over braces as Invisalign aligners are more visually pleasing, less obtrusive, and that much more comfortable. You might even be a candidate for lingual braces positioned along the tooth’s back surface by the tongue. Review all of the available options with the guidance of your orthodontist and choose the option that is best for you. Can I still play sports after getting braces?

Indeed, you can continue playing sports after the orthodontist adds braces to your mouth. However, it is in your interest to wear a protective mouthguard that safeguards the teeth, gums, tongue, and even the cheeks should there be physical contact or a fall while playing competitive sports.

Are braces really worth the trouble?

Braces are absolutely worth the time, money, and effort! Fail to correct your wayward teeth with braces and they will end up crooked, possibly for the rest of your life. If you have crooked teeth, chewing will prove that much more challenging, additional oral health challenges will arise and you will be hesitant to part your lips to smile in public settings. Furthermore, straighter teeth really are that much easier to brush and floss, ultimately reducing the chances of gum disease as well as tooth decay. Add in the fact that an improved bite will help you avoid tooth fractures as well as uneven teeth that rub against one another and there is even more reason to add braces to your mouth.

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