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There is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is strictly limited to improving the look of a flawed smile. This is certainly an important reason to go through orthodontic treatment yet it is not the sole reason for it. Orthodontics also improves dental health in myriad ways and also boosts patient confidence.

The Straight and Beautiful Smile You Have Been Looking For!

Straight teeth are essential to a beautiful smile. If your teeth are crooked, improperly spaced, twisted, or rotated, it is imperative that you meet with our orthodontist. Once our team straightens your teeth and beautifies your smile, you will enjoy a significant confidence boost. You will absolutely love your new smile and be proud to show off your straight teeth when meeting new people and interacting with others.

Orthodontic Treatment Facilitates Teeth Cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice if your teeth were easier to clean each morning, afternoon, and evening? Opt for orthodontic treatment and you will find your teeth really are that much easier to clean. Orthodontic treatment makes flossing significantly easier and brushing that much more impactful. Once our orthodontist is done working on your teeth, you will find floss no longer gets caught in between excessively tight and/or rotated teeth. Now that you are able to floss and brush with ease, you will be inclined to clean your teeth on a daily basis. Such consistent oral hygiene greatly reduces the odds of subsequent periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Bite Alignment

Orthodontic treatment aligns a misaligned bite. Improper bite alignment is problematic in that it chips and wears down teeth while heightening the need for potentially costly restorative procedures. Let your bad bite continue long enough and you will end up with significant jaw problems such as TMJ. Be proactive, nip this problem in the bud by visiting with our orthodontist and your jaw issues will finally be remedied. Whether you are dealing with an open bite, an overbite, or a crossbite, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Straightened Teeth

Both braces and Invisalign clear aligners are available to straighten wayward teeth. Even if your teeth are only slightly crooked or improperly spaced, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Once your teeth are straight, you will have a more visually pleasing smile, feel better about how you look, and suffer fewer dental problems down the line. Ignore your crooked teeth and you will find they are difficult to clean, end up decaying and possibly even fall out of your mouth.

Unaddressed orthodontic issues also have the potential to lead to the misalignment of your jaw, create excessive stress on the gums, cause unproductive chewing and excessive wear on the teeth. These problems can spiral out of control to the point that they lead to face/neck pain as well as nasty headaches. Why bother running the risk of these problems developing when our orthodontic treatment providers can proactively address your orthodontic problems? The little bit of money you spend for orthodontic treatment pales in comparison to the cost of neglecting orthodontic issues and paying for one corrective procedure after another down the line.

Orthodontic Treatment Isn’t Just for Kids

If you have heard orthodontic treatment is limited to children, tweens, and teens, you have been misinformed. The truth is about 20% of patients who receive orthodontic treatment are over the age of 21. Let our orthodontist correct your bite and you will enjoy an improved appearance, prevent tooth decay and spend less money on subsequent procedures and treatments down the line.

Improved Oral Functionality

Orthodontic treatment sets the stage for your teeth, gums, and jaw to function exactly as they should. The jaw is particularly important in the context of oral functionality. The bottom line is you should not have to live with pain stemming from chewing, jaw popping, sleep apnea, migraines, or other problems related to orthodontic problems. Meet with our team, tell us about your unique oral health problems and we will determine the best approach to relieving your pain and returning your oral functionality to normal.

Consider the Mental Impact of a Beautiful Smile

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you will look that much better thanks to your revitalized smile. This enhanced beauty will make you that much more outgoing, help you land a higher-paying job, and possibly even set the stage for a relationship with a significant other. This is the profound psychological boost you need to feel confident, be assertive, and live the best life possible.

The Benefits of Orthodontics for Children

Children, tweens, and teens typically benefit from orthodontic treatment more than their elders. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should visit with an orthodontist by the age of seven. Orthodontic analysis and treatment should commence right around the time the first permanent molars erupt. Even if orthodontic treatment is unnecessary at such an early age, a visit with our orthodontist will help determine whether such treatment will be required at some point in the future.

Early orthodontic treatment provides an opportunity for the orthodontist to add braces that guide the jaw’s growth and emerging teeth so they are in exactly the right positions within the mouth. As an example, our orthodontic expanders help correct crowding teeth.

Timely orthodontic treatment sets the stage for a truly beautiful smile in the years ahead. Those who floss and brush their teeth and visit the dentist once every six months in the years that follow orthodontic treatment stand a good chance of enjoying a truly stunning smile that lasts an entire lifetime.

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