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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my child’s first appointment with an orthodontist?

All children should be seen for the first time around the age of 7 years according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

At what age does orthodontic treatment normally start?

Every child is different so the age at which orthodontic treatment begins will also vary from child-to-child. If your child’s teeth and jawbones are still developing, there are certain treatments that are best started during this developmental period. Some treatments aren’t even possible or are much more effective when a child is younger because when the bone tissues are still developing it’s much easier to correct issues like a cross-bite or to expand the upper arch of teeth when crowding is an issue. As a result, many orthodontists recommend that treatment start sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, there are other orthodontic issues that must be treated only after the permanent teeth have come in. At Silver Lake Orthodontics, we do a thorough evaluation of every patient to create a customized treatment plan, taking your child’s unique developmental needs into consideration.

Do I need a referral from a dentist to make an appointment at Silver Lake Orthodontics?

It isn’t necessary to have a referral but about half of our patients have been referred to us by their dentist. If you feel that you or your child have an orthodontic issue that requires evaluation, simply schedule an appointment with us for an initial consultation.

What is the cost of orthodontic treatment?

Every situation is different, so the cost of treatment is customized to each individual patient. Dr. Katz will discuss the cost of treatment with you during the initial consultation so that you have all of the necessary information required to budget for treatment.

Does Silver Lake Orthodontics take insurance?

Yes! There are a number of different insurance plans out there and different companies have different policies regarding orthodontic treatment. Our financial coordinators will do the research to find out how much of the patient’s treatment will be covered by a given policy. They’ll also file the insurance policy for the patient’s convenience to ensure that they receive the highest level of coverage possible.

Does it hurt to get orthodontic treatment?

As a general rule, orthodontic treatment does not hurt, but after the initial placement of braces and after adjustments patients have often reported some soreness in the teeth and the jawbones. Most patients are able to deal with the discomfort by taking over-the-counter medications such as ibuprophen and by eating foods that are easy to chew.

How long does orthodontic treatment usually take?

Orthodontic treatment takes a variable amount of time that depends on the patient’s unique circumstances and what problems are being corrected. In some cases, treatment may be completed within only a few months while in other cases, treatment takes several years.

As a parent, must I accompany my child to orthodontic visits?

No, it isn’t necessary for parents to come with their children to Silver Lake Orthodontics for visits. We will contact you if there’s an issue that needs to be discussed with you regarding your child’s orthodontic treatment.